Netflix remake of Death Note

I just saw the Netflix remake of the Japanese series Death Note. I understand they have the creative license to change things up but it became a totally different banana. It was crass and all over the place. They even invented their own rules. Light was depicted as a loser and a coward. Misa (called Mia) was manipulative and obsessive. L was someone who couldn’t control his temper. Ryuk didn’t have a personality. They edited out all the good bits that made L and Light smart. They were all just helpless victims of circumstance who couldn’t do anything by themselves. And what’s worse is that in the end, they had this sort-of action sequence that was so ridiculous that I really wanted to give up on it.

Can Netflix and Hollywood please do us a favor by not trying to create anymore adaptations of anime or Japanese series? It is rather frustrating. They should just accept the fact that they simply can’t do it the way the Japanese can.


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