So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 5

Technical. All the performances were technically brilliant tonight. The Top 8 slayed. Every single one of them delivered. Oh, and that Brian Friedman group jazz routine to Derniére Danse was just tasteful.

Lex showed us a more groovy and detail-oriented hip-hop in contrast to Mark’s funky and hard-hitting hip-hop style.

Kaylee and Cyrus surprised me with their contemporary routine. This was their best performance so far. Good thing the choreographer was able to incorporate animation into it creatively to let Cyrus be himself all throughout. The dim lights and the dark shade of the costumes also gave the effect of Cyrus being a sort-of shadow; thus, making Kaylee stand out more.

I want these three in the Top 3! My favorites, Lex and Logan, did wonderfully in this as expected. However, seeing Kaylee in this made me realize that she is the only girl who has the spunk and power to match up to these two powerhouses. I can’t imagine this routine with any of the other girl contestants.

On to less important details, Sean Cheeseman’s piece with the other 4 contestants looked complex. It required a lot of technique and partner work. The dancers did a good job but I guess I wanted it to be a little smoother. The music could’ve been better as well.

Anyway, based on tonight’s performances alone, Koine, Taylor and Kiki are in my bottom 3 but taking into account the whole season, Kaylee might take the spot of either Koine or Taylor. Personally, I feel that Koine is stronger and more versatile than Taylor. Her solos were consistently better. On the other hand, Taylor has a good vessel. She has beautiful long legs and torso. I think who moves on between them will boil down to the choreography they’ll get next week. Either way, Lex and Logan are way up there.


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