So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 4

Concept after concept. Kiss after kiss. The show is starting to pick up momentum now. Logan and Lex are finally showing us what they’re made of. Yay! It was a great night for jazz.

Logan is killing every style given to him. His hip-hop vibe reminds me of Ivan from Season 2. Not as smooth but his flow is similar.

Real life couple, Taylor and Lex looked dazzling in this Spencer Liff jazz piece. However, this highlights how lacking Gaby and Lex’s chemisty is in their previous numbers.

Wow! Kiki is owning his characters this week.  I love this pop jazz routine by Travis Wall. I hope they’ll stop making him kiss his partners though. I’m starting to pity him for having to do that in every routine.

Robert’s flair in Mark Kanemura’s choreography reminds me of Brian Friedman. Pizzazz personified! ❤

Kaylee, Mark, and Koine are in danger of going home next week.


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