So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 3

The best show is yet to come. This was a forgettable week. It felt like everyone was still warming up. The solos made up for the lackluster group and couple routines.

These two innovative crazy movers killed their solos as expected.

I’m also happy that Lex and Logan got to showcase their personality more in their couple routines. Although Logan and Allison as a pair did slightly better in their jive-slash-Broadway number,  I thought Lex really nailed his character. The ballroom boys didn’t do badly either. Paul brought his newfound hip-hop swag (I kept seeing him in videos of recent hip hop classes.) while Kiki was able to use his excellent partnering skills in a contemporary piece.

Koine and Marko are creeping up to the top. They were fabulous in this Dave Scott hip-hop jazz routine. This is another testimony of their great chemistry.

Kaylee, Dassy, and Taylor are my bottom 3 this week.


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