Back-to-Back Win for UPeepz in the 2017 World Hip Hop Dance Championships

I’ve just finished watching the livestream of the 2017 World Hip Hop Dance Championships. It was a blast! All the crews brought it tonight. Thank you Hip Hop International for organizing this event, making it available through livestream, and for keeping the hip hop culture alive!

The Megacrew Division was hot hot hot! I love UPeepz! They really deserve that back-to-back win. I can think of five things that separated them from the other crews tonight:

One, they make great music choices and they relate well to the music. They sit right on the pocket. They get on the groove and vibe. Their choreography isn’t rushed like how others tend to do theirs nowadays.

Two, they can execute the most complex steps and blocking with so many people. Other crews probably consist of better skilled individual dancers but when it comes to dancing in sync as a group, UPeepz group choreography is far advanced than others. It takes hard work, solid team chemistry, and outstanding direction (props to their coach and director, Chips Beltran).

Three, they have a variety of styles divided brilliantly into segments that are well-paced and well-thought-of. Every segment is carefully crafted with a concept, a highlight, and a clean transition. They tell mini-stories. You won’t notice it but you tend to follow every segment of a UPeepz performance: the vogue, the isolation, the wacking, the urban style, the krump, etc. (Though I’m hoping to see them do more fancy footwork and breaking. :P) There is no dull moment. They get you hooked all throughout the performance.

Four, they are clean and detail-oriented not only in their dancing but in how they enter and exit the stage. I think they practice that as well. I haven’t seen a crew transition as smoothly as they do.

And lastly, they have a sense of humor and can connect well with the audience. Similar to their predecessors, the Philippine All-Stars, they are great entertainers. I see many crews choosing to be grim and intense all the time. Well, I guess it is common to associate intensity with power, but it leaves you with a heavy feeling. On the other hand, a UPeepz routine is always strong and passionate but they never fail to mix in small fun surprises for the audience. It gives the routine great texture.

I hope this win opens more opportunities for them to perform internationally and commercially.

The other crews whom I liked were S-Rank (USA – Adult), 158 Crew (Russia – Adult), and Flip (Canada – Varsity).

To end, mad props again to Hip Hop International for this wonderful event!


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