So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 1

The Top 10 were exactly whom I expected. It is either I mastered how to pick out contestants from watching all the previous seasons or the producers have manipulated the audience into liking these dancers.

Anyway, on to the show… Wade is back. Enough said. LOL. I actually didn’t like the song choices tonight. The dancing was fabulous but without great music, it lacks that oomph to make it memorable. There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back, the track on Jenna & Kiki’s number was probably the most tolerable. I felt bad especially about the pieces choreographed by Travis Wall and Mandy Moore because they were visually stunning but the music ruined them for me. On the other hand, I thought the colors, the lights and the stage design were gorgeous. I guess they’re putting in more money on the production side of things this season.

My Top 2 favorite pieces tonight were Tyce Diorio’s choreography to Protocol performed by Logan Hernandez and Audrey Case (all-star stand-in for Allison)

and Tessandra Chavez’s choreography to Clown danced by Kaylee Millis and all-star Cyrus Spencer. Although the latter felt a little too busy and Cyrus basically just paced around as Kaylee danced, I enjoyed the emotion in this piece. I understood the story.

So who am I rooting for this season? Off the bat, I would say Gabby’s Lex Ishimoto and Allison’s Logan Hernandez. I’m really hoping that Lex gets a better piece to work on next time. We all know that his talent and versatility are insane. I pray that he gets the chance to showcase them soon. I’m also watching out for Kiki Nyemchek and Mark Villaver. I think I’ll be pleasantly surprised by them.

My bottom picks this week are Sydney, Dassy and Robert. One of them should leave next week.


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