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Dear blog, let us catch up.

Saturday. I woke up early to prepare for the Java SE boot camp. It was my first time to commute to the venue so I gave myself some buffer to figure things out. Thank God the commute went smoothly. Class was productive. I learned a lot. I enjoyed hands-on lab exercises more than the lectures.

There are 11 students in total but 2 were absent. Only 2 of us are girls. As expected of programming students, most of us are reserved and introverted although we also have a fair share of classmates who enjoy being know-it-alls. That’s normal. During breaks, the rest of us just let them blab away all they want, and don’t really have the energy to engage them. We occasionally nod as we go about our business: eating, checking our phones, playing mobile games, etc. We have daily food allowance consumable in the school cafeteria, which is extremely convenient because we don’t need to worry about where and what to eat. I think I ate too much.

Sunday. I attended a worship service in the morning, had lunch with my parents, and took 2 consecutive pop-up classes late in the afternoon. It was fun and challenging. As expected, I had a hard time memorizing the steps. I get the steps while the coach was teaching them, but I tend to blank out when I have to dance them from memory. I hope they send the videos soon so I can practice. I’m the type who needs to practice a lot before I can execute properly. I don’t feel bad though because I don’t think I’m that far behind from the people around me. I’m just really slow when it comes to memorizing the steps. But once I memorize it, my swag comes out. I think I’m pretty decent.

I feel sleepy now. I’ll update my Produce X 101 post tomorrow. 💤

Random Stuff

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One-by-one the staple K-drama male leads are returning from military service. The drought in quality k-drama will soon be over! ⭐

I’ve started working on my translation project during my spare time. The story is interesting and the language is casual so I think I can progress steadily on this. 🙂

I miss Yuto but I’m trying to be as patient as possible because they’re hinting that ONF’s Off team is cooking something. 😉 I want to start working on a new Yuto FMV hopefully by next week.

I’m joining a couple of pop-up dance classes on Sunday night: jazz funk and urban. My brother said the pieces will be a little challenging. I’m a little scared honestly but I’m also excited. I really want to keep on dancing and improve.

My Saturdays are full too until the end of July. There’s this whole-day programming boot camp I need to attend. I’m looking forward to that too. I know I’m such a nerd. Haha 🤓

Aladdin 💎

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Needless to say, I love the OST. 🎶 Arabian Nights, One Jump Ahead, and A Whole New World are the best. 👍

Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie of all time, followed by Beauty and the Beast. I’ve seen the animated version so many times. It talks about how what’s inside you is more beautiful than any treasure in the world, and that the right one will love you for who you are.😊 We are all diamonds in the rough. 💎

Aladdin is my favorite Disney prince and Jasmine is my favorite Disney princess. I like how clumsy Aladdin’s personality is. He usually second-guesses himself but he finds the courage when it is for the person whom he loves. In the movie, he dances and does parkour too.😄 On the other hand, Jasmine is capable, independent, and sassy. However, she also second-guesses herself so finding someone who believes in her and encourages her to take risks greatly moved her. She also has the look and the costume that I like best among the Disney princesses. Abu 🐒, Rajah 🐅 and Carpet are so adorable too. I’ve always wanted a life-size tiger plushie but it isn’t practical so I gave up. 🙍 I can’t have pets but I love animal plushies.💖

I had a huge smile on my face while watching the 2019 remake. It takes me back to everything I love about this story. I really enjoyed the new dances and songs especially that Bollywood number at the party scene. I wanted Jafar to be slightly more sinister and Jasmine to be slightly more alluring, but the cast did pretty well overall.