U[유] and J-Us dance to ‘Desire’ by Years & Years (Koharu Sugawara choreo)

I’m really sorry J-Us but I can’t take my eyes off U and his dancing.💘 I was trying to carefully choose my words when I commented on this video because I know they can both read the comments. I couldn’t say it out loud there but since this is my blog, I can say what I want here and the probability that they will read this is smaller.

That was sexy. So, this is what U’s version of sexy is like. I wasn’t sure if I loved the dancing more or seeing U’s hardworking side. Seeing that ending segment where U was covered in sweat after practicing made my heart flutter.💓

The song says it all, “Is it desire or is it love that I’m feeling for you?”🤦

Memorable SMTM 777 Studio MVs

  • Saim Saim by Team The Quiett and Changmo

This collaboration worked well because they all have the same energy. Changmo did a good job on the track. I also liked Maestro, the song he performed during the producers showcase. Maybe I should check out his other works.

Coogie’s segment is easily the killer part.

  • Good Day by Team PaloKunst

I love Team PaloKunst! This song is dope. They are all brilliant artists. Everyone of them.

  • Save by Loopy ft. Paloalto

  • XXL by Kim Hyoeun ft. Deepflow, Dok2

YGX Teasers

YG released a handful of videos recently promoting their new training center, X Academy or YGX. While Hoony’s videos are more thematic, I like the vibe from DK’s teaser videos better. I’m not a huge fan of YG talents’ dancing in particular, compared to JYP I mean, but their swag is undeniable.