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I don’t know why I’m so busy lately. I need some catching up to do with my dramas and with ONF updates. Well, it sort of helps that I don’t get to comment on ONF-related posts the past days but I’m starting to miss Yuto. I know they went to After School Club earlier today. I was able to watch the replay. I’m happy to see this U focus cam too.

Oh yeah, I was able to learn the choreography for the chorus of We Must Love but that’s about it. I’ll upload it if it comes out decent. I’m bad at learning dance from a video. I get confused easily with spatial directions.

Random stuff 🤢

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I feel sick. I think I drank too much milk tea. There’s this wintermelon milk tea mix you can buy from the supermarket. I put it on a pitcher with water. I diluted it but it’s still kind of sweet so my tonsils are hurting. 😖 I’m really bad with sweet stuff.

Oh, let me correct myself. I thought Samuel debuted in Japan last week but the video was actually posted a year ago. Heh.😅

I was watching Romance is a Bonus Book earlier. I was moved by this episode where a struggling poet died. He wrote poems that nobody liked to read and no publisher wanted to take in. It was unprofitable but it was his passion. He lived and breathed poetry and couldn’t stop writing whenever he could. He worked part-time as a gas station attendant to get by. He was sincere and that really touched me. I liked how one publisher described his death, “The world lost a beautiful soul.” I thought to myself that I also want to live sincerely. I want to be remembered as someone sincere. It’s hard for me to open up to people in person so I don’t know how I come across to others. I probably get misunderstood a lot.🤷 I wish I can express myself better and learn to better connect with others. It usually feels awkward.

Sixteen – Japanese Version –

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I stumbled upon the Japanese version of Sixteen. I like this version more because I understand it and because his dancing is so much better here. That dance break section where the songs goes, “Dance…Dance…” is so cool. I also like that loose white polo over the black turtle neck. It’s very…umm…Japanese.