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What a beautiful dancer! His aura reminds me of one of my cousins though. LOL. I remember some fans mistaking Green 10 in Dance War as TEN. He is a strong dancer too but his vibe is different from U.

Mix Nine First Anniversary Twitter Party

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There is a 9-day Twitter party to celebrate Mix Nine’s first anniversary. I’m a huge Mix Nine fan so I’m definitely joining. This will be my celebratory post.

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Small goals

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I set a goal early in the year to stop posting on my FB Timeline. Thank God that 20 days in and I’ve been successfully clearing that goal. I really want to limit my thoughts in this blog. Why? So that only people who want to read them will get to read them. I know people really don’t care so much. They do not think about these things too seriously. They can simply ignore your post and move on to the next if they’re not interested. They can also choose to ‘unfollow’ you. However, I can’t shake off the feeling that it’s imposing to push your updates on other people’s timelines when they aren’t really asking for it. It’s like giving out unwanted information.

I’m adding 3 small goals for myself to accomplish in 1 month to help manage my unnecessary feelings better. I need to lessen actual interactions that give me an illusion of closeness.

Goal #1: Do not comment on Yuto’s twitter posts. I can like and retweet but not reply.
Goal #2: Do not comment on ONF’s Youtube videos. All my comments will be limited to this blog. I can like and save videos to my playlist but I’m banning myself from commenting.
Goal #3: Limit my posts to emoticons on Yuto’s VLives.

By the grace of God, I can do it!

My Favorite Dances from Somebody (썸바디)

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I’m starting my favorite dances compilation from Mnet’s dance romance program, Somebody (썸바디).

My Favorite Cast Members

Lee Joori (Ballet) is my favorite girl in this show. She is the best female dancer and her personality is the most relatable to me.

Lee Joori (Ballet)

Na Daehan (Ballet) and Lee Euijin (Popping) are my picks for the boys.

Lee Euijin (Popping)

Na Daehan (Ballet)
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YGTB Final Episode

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Again, the editing in the dance was so bad. 😞 The ending concept seemed cool but I couldn’t fully appreciate it.

As it is, I only liked the the rap performance. If Byounggon and Hyunsuk don’t get to debut this time around, it’ll be hard for me to support this new group wholeheartedly.

I saw a funny GIF in the YGTB thread. I think it really sums up what the general public feels about today’s episode. Oh and voting on VLive was such a futile exercise. It amounted to nothing. Ultimately, only YG’s opinion mattered.


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I like the feel of these two songs from the OST of the Japanese drama, I”S.

Yesterdays by Takezawa Migiwa (竹澤汀)

Coffee by Mrs. Green Apple