My Picks for Produce X 101 so far

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My picks for this show keep changing. There are only about two or three who are consistently there. I hope they make it to the debut team. In my heart though, Mix Nine is still the best survival program in terms of the talent and performances. Sadly, it seems like Baek Jin and Mahiro were eliminated so I can’t pick them anymore. There is an invisible line between my top 5 and 6. The upper tier are those I feel strongly about and the lower tier are those I picked out just to complete a Top 11. This list will probably change after the Concept Evaluation.

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Love over Zeal

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“Father, when we see all that is wrong with the world, we often try to conform others to what we believe to be Your will. Paul wrote in the book of Romans though that it is not the forcing of Your will that leads people to repentance but Your kindness. With that in mind, may our only aim be to make Your love known and trust You to bring about authentic change in people’s hearts. Thank You Lord. For in Jesus’ name we pray, amen.” – Our Daily Bread, Vanity on Fire

What a breath of fresh air that was. Holding strongly to one’s beliefs isn’t bad but expecting others to conform to them is. This is when we start unnecessarily passing judgment on others. The reading today reminds me to chill and trust God’s transformative power. Our role is not to pass judgment but to be a vessel of God’s love and acceptance to others.

Off Team dances to Rockin’ by The Weeknd

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ONF’s U and J-Us choreographed this and was performed by the whole Off Team. ❤ I’ve always wanted to see an Off Team performance and you made it happen. It’s nice to see all the members together in the VLive. We fully enjoyed it! Thank you, ONF! 💕

Rainy days ☔ and Jazz 🎧

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I love that the rainy season is here! It’s my favorite time of the year as someone who loves the rain. I love to chill out with jazz music during rainy days.


I’d love to see Yuto do a rainy day-themed photo shoot.♡